I read an interesting article at Daily Burn. They explained that the object of Ignite is to give you fewer, less yummy food choices. This naturally causes you to eat fewer calories, because — well, what’s the point?

This struck me as way more convincing than the “detox” story.

It required a little mental shake, though. A readjustment. After all, have I not, as a mom, spent years doing my best to provide more varied, yummier food? It’s a big jump to the idea that less varied and delicious food is a goal.

It made me think, though, of the idea of hedonism. I don’t make decisions about my sexual behavior strictly to provide more variety and entertainment, right? I wouldn’t consider taking drugs on the grounds that it was fun. So why would I think that foods that are not good for me are appropriate, just because they taste good?

I don’t know why this hasn’t occurred to me before.

I mean, I suppose I’m not utterly hedonistic about food. I typically eat things we generally think of as wholesome: whole grains, low fat dairy, real foods in general. I rarely eat junk food. But I never think of, say, a nice  baked penne with whole grain rolls, salad, and pie to follow as bad food. Food is supposed to be delectable, right?

Maybe not. Maybe it’s supposed to be austere. Maybe delicious food is supposed to be rare and special.

Maybe it’s only books that are always supposed to be wonderful.