This is my third day of getting back to my routines. For a while there, I had 5:30 rehearsals nearly every day, so I had to start work as soon as I got up in order to get my basic tasks done. I was also sleeping later, though I rarely reached my eight hours goal. I had some early meetings, too. Weekends were busy.

So you can see from the screenshot above that my daily no excuses exercise shrank from six or seven days a week to one to three days a week.

I’m back on track with this, but not yet getting the 3000+ steps I was getting daily before.

I’m also back on track for my no excuses breakfast and lunches. Mindful dinners? Not yet. I’m also not doing skin care and make up, though I have been dressing like a grownup otherwise.

Needlework was a big loser during my busy spring, and I’m happy to be back on track with that, too, though Geo-Snow, the highest priority project, is not yet benefiting much.

Instead, I’m working on this lovely dress. It’s the same pattern as the Easter dress, in a gorgeous Liberty cotton lawn. It’s hard to think of any fabric that feels better, accepts crisp details better, or looks better. And of course it’s super comfortable in Arkansas summers.

Check out the clever details — the parrot in a hat, the chameleon with a tennis racket, the elephant’s briefcase, the pink elephant… I just love it.

In addition to the dress, I am making pants and tops in the print and multicolored seersucker, a cool yet slightly surprising combination.

So I had a busy spring, and also an unusually social spring. Yet I read that people need six hours a day of social connection to feel well. I think I had that much contact with people, certainly on the average, throughout the past few months. I did not feel well during that busy spring. Six hours seems like a lot.

So I’m going to track my interaction for a few days here. This morning I had a pleasant interaction with my husband, but it was brief — probably less than 10 minutes as I got out of bed and he got in (he works nights). I’ll be back to record any further social connection.

I’m on my dinner break. I’ve spent 30 minutes chatting on the phone with my oldest daughter and 17 minutes with #2 daughter, plus conversations on Slack — I’m not sure how much time there. I had another half hour with my husband as he left for work and I’ll spend about two hours with people for choir practice counting carpooling. So my day will include 3+ hours of social connection. That seems like plenty to me.