The stupid dog woke me four times last night.

I was having complex school-related dreams. This is because classes begin tomorrow. I usually have dreams about trying to conduct class in the midst of some chaos or problem. I arrive at the classroom, for example, and find that my class is being held in the ocean and all the equipment keeps floating away. Things like that.

In this case, the dream involved trains, football teams, and concerns over whether or not the board had to be erased after class (it does). The buildings were very fancy. Trying to get from one place to another was very difficult, what with the giant chicken mascot of the football team getting in the way and my having to pick up all the pattern pieces for its outfit.

When I finally gave up and got out of bed, I had just discovered that hotel  room 615 had a broken lock (this was true of my classroom last year, as it happens) so the door could be opened with diligence and I would be able to get some sleep.

Not really. Really the stupid dog had found a turtle outside. It was the size of a ball cap and just outside of his range on his chain. He kept wanting to go outside and look for it.

My husband sugested yesterday that we have spent more on water than it would have cost us to buy all our produce at the farmers market instead of growing it ourselves. When I was a SAHM, I used to keep records of all our produce and calculate its value, but we had a much more productive garden then. This year, with the heat and perhaps also our not working very hard, we’ve harvested a dozen squash, half a dozen cukes, lots of herbs and peppers, and a grand total of one tomato.

A garden isn’t just about produce, though. It’s also about the pleasure of having a garden.

I rested my arm yesterday and I’m thinking of having a PSD (personal sewing day) today. I could make some progress on my tailored jacket class, or perhaps run up a new blouse to wear to class this week. I’ve proven to my own satisfaction that sewing is much cheaper than buying clothes, but finding the time to sew is another matter.

I went to buy pillow cases the other day, though, and was startled by the prices. $25 a pair for ordinary pillow cases at Target! We’re talking about two yards of fabric and perhaps 15 minutes of sewing time. How can that be worth $25? Clearly, I must make my own. I think I’ll ice my elbow first (I did so three times yesterday, as instructed by the internet) and then give it a shot. If I’m in too much pain, I’ll go back to resting my arm.