The trees are blooming — not the big show it used to be, since so many were damaged in last year’s ice storm, but still cheering. We had the brass in for rehearsal last night. They pretty well drowned us out, which of course means that we can relax about the songs we’re doing with them.

We’re also singing Anne Herring’s Easter Song, a little piece that I’m told had some crossover success as a pop song in 1974. I don’t remember it. I kind of like this piece, though we don’t actually know it well enough to sing it on Sunday.

As a choir, we tend to be emergency oriented.

I haven’t done anything to prepare for Easter yet. I haven’t kept a good Lent, either. At some point I have to clean my house and bake. Today, however, is monthly reports. I also have to write up a social media marketing plan for a hospital, and a new Services page for my New Yorker. I still have one of the Kennedy Center projects to do, too.

We’re also getting down to cases with the new educational site. The Computer Guy really dislikes the girl with the light bulb whom I showed you a few weeks back. He’s going to come up with some wonderful alternative. I’ll still use her for something, I’m sure — I’ve paid for her, after all — but I like what he did with her vines…