harp 008 More school visits yesterday.

I enjoyed it. Bucolic scenery, the Strut and Rut Outdoor Supply Store, the hardware store with “MUCK BOOTS” on its marquee, cattle ignoring the new developments popping up in the next field over, and lots of impressive clouds.

The Empress and I did the East Side together.

We have this whole East Side/ West Side rivalry thing going on in our county. I don’t get it, myself, though it reminds me of a student from Rwanda I once had. He was from a really homogenous community — one race, one religion, one political party. Did that mean there was no discrimination in his society, I asked him. No, he said, they just used clan membership. It was the next year that the clan issue in Rwanda made the international news.

It isn’t that bad here. But The Empress and I, not being natives, don’t fully understand the rivalryharp 007. We are aware of it and try to respect it or at least not to step on any toes about it. That’s all we can do.

We had business strategy talks while we drove.

I wore my sunglasses. My optometrist told me at my last visit that I had a lot of sun damage to my eyes, so I got prescription sunglasses and am trying to wear them. I’m trying to wear sunscreen, too.

I feel bad about wearing sunglasses when speaking to people, though, so I apologized and explained to The Empress about wearing dark glasses while talking with her in the car.

“I looked at my hands,” I said.

harp 001That was enough.

Young people will not know this, but the hands become old way before the rest of the body. Your bosom is still in a reasonable place, your face is not yet like a road map, the hair is not thinning, but your hands become aged.

It is sun. So let that be a reminder to wear sunscreen and sunglasses and give up tanning.

The Empress said she just tries not to look at her hands.

She doesn’t think that it is sun exposure anyway. She thinks it is about how much water you drink.  

Chanthaboune hooked me up with some honey and salt hand treatment that prevents my hands from looking office 001completely grotesque, but I still see The Empress’s point. It might be better just not to look.

I had to come back and add this not-lovely picture of the Bijoux Blouse because, well, it proves that I am doing a little bit of knitting. This is …. I have lost track of how many skeins I’ve knitted of this stuff by now, but I was at the end of one when I took this picture. I am three inches from the neckline shaping.

Actually, if your hands have inexplicably gotten old-looking while you were busy doing something else, you should definitely knit. This will cause your hands to look venerable and wise, rather than merely spotty and sun-damaged. This doesn’t work for any other part of the body, so take advantage of the opportunity.