Yesterday was a fortunate day for electronics chez fibermom. #1 son found the Kindle in the car. This made me very happy, although I had already gone and bought a physical copy of one of the books on it for said son, who hasn’t even opened it yet, and I suppose may never do so now.

We also got a very clever thing from Netflix, and can now watch their instant movies on our TV, via the Wii. If you have both Netflix and a Wii, check this out.

And we were able to take the enormous TV I got off the curb one day a couple of years ago to the recycling for free. That’s a long, boring story, actually, It was a good thing, though. I’ll leave it at that.

Spring is here and it is gorgeous and sweet smelling outdoors. I don’t want to be indoors. I am, of course, but I did at least get a bit of a walk yesterday. Maybe I can take a hike this afternoon. It is, after all the second anniversary of my being laid off.

The Computer Guy’s business has a birthday. Mine does not. The anniversary of my layoff is the only date I’ve come up with, and that’s a stupid thing to observe. But it might be a good excuse for taking a hike. Once I finish the work for The Computer Guy.