Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a celebrity? Nope, me neither, but I actually got a bit of an insight into the question over the past few days. Not that I am in any way like a celebrity, but there were people from the PR firm calling and emailing me both ahead of and after the WSJ interview, buttering me up.

Seriously, this seems to be what PR firms do. It was embarrassing. I like having clients tell me what a brilliant job I did for them, out of sheer happiness, but having the PR people tell me how great I was seemed odd. Presumably this is what PR people do, and it becomes natural to them. Just as elementary school teachers get accustomed to saying things like, “Bradley, I love the way you used your words when Madison hit you!” and “I like how Brianna is being quiet!”

So I suppose celebrities have PR people calling them up not merely a few times a day to say, “You’re brilliant! We love you! Here’s what we want you to say to the reporters, though of course you can say anything you want…” but probably hovering over them saying these things. How can they get any work done?

My husband has gone for one day without smoking. #1 son got a notice that he won $50 for an essay he wrote last semester. #2 daughter made it safely to Paris. My Northerner gave me a title and helped me configure Outlook so I can email people as though from his company. Or indeed, actually from his company, in a flat world sort of way. I have lots of work to do, including a vendor table to staff on Saturday. Since I’ve got that to do, I actually would like to take today or tomorrow off. Or parts of today or tomorrow. I think I’d better sit down with my planner and figure out when and if I can do that.