Our music at choir last night had an exhortation printed on the back. If we were asked to sing from copies rather than originals, it said, we should “question the choir director, in front of the rest of the choir.” Moving right on from disapproval to public humiliation of the culprit. Crazy Aunt Purl, also, went in for publicly berating wrongdoers.

Fortunately (since I would not enjoy the public berating of wrongdoers), all our music was legal. We are singing a rumba: “There is a savior” cha cha cha… Also a John Rutter piece, which makes me very happy. I asked about dynamics, which brought catcalls, but there is a high note which should be sung fortissimo — and I can sing it fortissimo, too, but I don’t want to do it all by myself. I can’t sing that high in mezzo forte, especially not sitting down. Given the choice between asking that the choir stand up and asking for dynamics, I figured that the choir in general would prefer the latter. I think this choir can improve a lot, but do not want to mess up the whole sing-around-the-campfire feeling that the participants seem to cherish. Nor do I want to be a troublemaker or to imply that anything in the choir needs changing. I am going for insidious infiltration…

I have reached row 54 above the hem of the front. I have never before used a row counter to count all the rows of a project. Normally, I use it for things like pattern repeats or a tricky bit of shaping. With the actual row count, I could calculate what percentage of the T-shirt I have completed, but I can’t be bothered. I’m not in that much of a hurry. However, I am pleased to be well on the way to beginning the colorwork. I am taking #1 son for X-rays, and should finish up the plain part in the waiting room.

We may then have another trip to the doctor for him, but maybe not, and one more for me. At that point we will be caught up on all the backlog of appointments. #1 daughter pointed out that all this gallivanting around, driving and making appointments and shopping and such, has taken up a lot of extra time. It is true. Here are all the things I have neglected during this time: getting to the gym more than twice a week, housework, my family history project, laundry, the garden (where many things are blooming, including iris, dianthus, violets, azaleas, and dandelions), sewing, cooking and baking, and my husband. I’ll catch up on all of them pretty soon.