I am singing the solo in “Down to the River to Pray” again. I think I have to point out — just in fairness to myself — that I didn’t clamor for this solo. The director said, “Didn’t you sing this solo last time?” and I allowed as how I had, and then said, “Is there anyone else who wants it?”

Considering how much I love this song, and how good it is for my voice, I really deserve some unselfishness points for that. And for waiting a good ten seconds for a response, too.

Fortunately for me, no one else admitted to wanting it.

I asked for prayer for my unemployment, and The Baritone told me about the basement of City Hall, which apparently is just papered with jobs. I plan to go there today.

I also told the ladies in my study groups about being thrown out of one place after another on the grounds of being excessively educated, and they were very comforting. They also assured me that an office of young computer guys needs a motherly lady such as myself, even if they don’t realize it right off.

I will return to the computer office this morning, armed with penetrating questions. I have also done four job applications today. I am still waiting for The Resume Wizard to transform my shabby, old-fashioned resume into a thing of beauty and a joy forever, but there were closing dates involved. I also went ahead and applied for some things for which I am not necessarily entirely qualified. I have done a lot of hiring locally, and I know how it is: you start out looking for a knight on a white charger experienced in rescuing princesses, and after a few weeks you’d be content with the miller’s son riding a donkey and actually coming in every day on time.

For the perfect jobs with later closing dates, I can wait for the grand new resume.

Yesterday there was a sudden French tutoring emergency, so I have two tutoring days this week, plus my freelance computer work, and I got my commission check as well. I think I may survive until someone hires me, with one thing and another.

The Resume Wizard told me that I should expect my job search to last 30 days for every $10,000 a year in salary. I can see this, though I’ve never had that experience myself. Most jobs for which I am obviously qualified have lengthy application processes and start dates in the new semester. It does seem a bit hard that someone who will only end up making $10,000 should be out of work for 30 days, though.