Obviously, I am not merely watching this DVD. I am strenuously working out to it. I remember the Lotte Berk method from my dancing days, so I knew it would be a good choice for days when I did not go rassle with the Hammer Strength machines. This is one of those deceptive workouts, like Pilates and ballet, which are — if you do them right — much more effective than you would think if you were in fact just sitting down and watching them. The very toned instructor is almost 50, and says “Courage!” in the middle of a segment, as well as gloating “I love the weights section!” more than once. This appeals to the little bit of gym-masochism I have left over from said dancing days.

Also, Yarn Ho! Here is the Plymouth Stone Cotton, in Red and Electric Blue. This is a Dutch yarn. It is not mercerized, not shiny, not slippery. It has a much firmer hand and more traditional cotton-y feel. I swatched it up for a second T-shirt. I tried it on #3 needles, and got 17 stitches over 4″, so I switched to #2s with complete success. The swatch below was done half on 3s and half on 2s, and I am going to take it entirely apart now so I can use all the yarn. The characters of the two yarns are very different, and I will be doing them rather differently, so I don’t think I’ll feel like I have two identical garments.

The blue is for Pokey — but shall I send her some #2 needles? I notice that a lot of people are knitting their T-shirts on 8s and 10s. I suspect rampant nervousness, but I don’t know. Maybe I’ll let her get her own needles. I hope we all remember that the yarn for Pokey was supposed to be a bribe so that she would tell me how to put links on my xanga. See, without being able to do that, I have to try to work them into the discussion, like this: Creating (Text)iles is one of my new favorite knitting blogs. Otherwise, I have to try to remember which blog it was that I thought was cool, and then find it again. If I could put them all on the left with my xanga subscriptions, I would not have this problem. I admit that it is not much of a problem, but I am sending that yarn off today, Pokey, so think about it in your copious free time. 

At this link you will find Kim‘s completed T-shirt looking very cute.