I’ve fallen behind on my work,and I still have a couple of meetings this week.

I guess I can’t really say that I’ve fallen behind. I have stuff I need to do this week, but it’s just Thursday. I can’t be called “behind” till Sunday, right?

Yesterday I had lunch with Blessing, and went to choir practice, and talked with most of my kids.

#2 son is out with The Guys in the Deep South, probably gigging frogs or tracking wild boars. I assume he’s having big fun. I haven’t heard from him. But all the rest have interesting things or at least interesting thoughts going on.

In choir, I was the only alto. There were two sopranos, two basses, one baritone, and two tenors — one was brand new last night, which is good, because as you can tell, the choir has dwindled badly. The pastor seems to think it’s the director’s fault, but I like the director. I’ve worked with directors who would make a person give up choir in sheer exasperation, but it doesn’t seem like that.

The Master Chorale is starting up again in a couple of weeks, as is the school where I teach. I really need to be getting ready for school — figuring out where my classroom is, or at least the building it’s in, and updating my syllabus with all the new dates, and stuff like that. I should probably get my roll book ready and organize my closet.

Last night after choir, though, there was a tech mystery with the Northerners. They have a host of tech guys, so while I have pointed out to them before that they had this tech problem, it hasn’t seemed to me to be my problem. But when I got more mystified emails about it last night I went and found the problem — or at least the visible part of it. Emboldened, I tried to solve my own site’s little tech problem, and failed.

Kept me from getting conceited, right?