I did get all three of my paid blog posts done yesterday, though one of them might have been late. I had to take #2 son to the dentist, and thence to get his driver’s license. I am making that sound small, but it involved four places and two towns, plus dropping by the Computer Guy’s office, where he was engaged in trilingual programming but still unlocked the door long enough to accept a copy of Geekspeak, which I had to give to him because I don’t know anyone else who would enjoy it, and I just have to share books that I like. Can’t help it.

So I got home around 3:30 in the afternoon, and checked the deadline for the blog post. It said that it was due “24 hours before the time when your blog is to be posted, which is Thursday at 12:00.” Leaving aside questions of time zones, this is still ambiguous, because it could mean

“[24 hours before the time when your blog is to be posted], which is Thursday at 12:00.” or

“24 hours before [the time when your when your blog is to be posted, which is Thursday at 12:00].”

It was either time to send it or high time to send it, so I sent it, even though it may be a bit controversial. Last month’s could have been a bit harsh on teachers. This month’s could have been a bit harsh on publishers. I need to think up something noncontroversial for September, that’s all.

#2 son got his license. His sisters congratulated him over the phone. My husband admired the license itself.

“This is nice,” he said judiciously. “When you open your eyes like this, you look very handsome.”

#2 son rolled his eyes. “The lady in the dentist’s office told me that today,” he said. “It was weird.”

His father had a suggestion. “You should say, ‘Yes, I know. All the girls tell me that.'”

He gazed off into the distance. “When I first met your mother,” he said, “she was beautiful. Beautiful like an angel.”

#2 son didn’t know where to look. Grownups can be so embarrassing.

I went off to my afternoon stuff. One little surprise was when, in the worship meeting, I was asked to design the cover of the bulletin. This is not the first time I’ve been asked for design assistance, oddly enough. I think of that as art, but I guess some people think of it as Computer Stuff. Since I often answer, “What do you do?” with “Computer stuff,” they figure I can design things.

Actually, it’s good, because I still have a Corel Graphics Suite to review. I was playing around with it a bit when I discovered Adobe InDesign, which I love. My trial period with InDesign as ended, though, so unless Chanthaboune and I get that book contract and I have to buy it, I am still in need of a design program, and had better go on and learn Corel. Maybe I will love it just as much once I learn it properly.

Now, what do you think of this “views” thing here at xanga? First of all, I’m not at all sure that it ought to be public. I mean, is it anyone’s business how many views we get?

Second, I don’t understand it. It can’t be literally how many people have looked at a given post, because xanga can’t tell whether your eyes are on this post or on another one on the page. So then I thought maybe it counted the times that people went and looked at the post on its own page, as though to make comments. However, my other xanga has a post this week with almost 2400 views, and it has I believe two comments. Are we to conclude that a couple thousand people thought they might comment, but changed their minds once they got there? Seems unlikely.

In fact, that xanga, though it has posts with hundreds and even thousands of views (I ply the Dark Art over there), only gets about two comments a week. So the views can’t be about going to the comments page.

So maybe it’s people who went there via search, not coming to the main page or reading on a feed? Again, I don’t think so, because it doesn’t match the footprints. The xanga you are now reading gets visitors from Google only rarely. Mostly they are lost, too. They’re looking for “subtracand” or “panties” or something. The footprints tell em that I have two or three visitors from search a day. But I seem to have a dozen or so views a day.

Which I am telling you because now we can all see this information all over the place. And that brings me back to the public nature of the information. I mean, did anybody ask you whether you wanted people to see your number of views? Nobody asked me whether I wanted to see my own number of views. I have to look at that stuff for all my clients every day. I don’t want to bother with it here at my private diary.

And the new xanga “themes” system doesn’t even seem to allow us to put in our Analytics codes (if you know how to do so, please tell me), so we have to rely on the public info even for our own sites.

So, yeah, I guess I don’t get the views thing. Maybe I should go look it up.

I’m planning to take it a bit easy today. My allergy symptoms have not improved, I sound like Ernest Borgnine, and I have a rehearsal this afternoon. I also have Orientation on Saturday. However, I have no deadlines till Monday, so I may rest up a bit today, in case I am actually getting sick rather than just having an allergy attack. It’s hard to tell.