The first day of school has arrived. The boys are too big and too cool for back-to-school photos. They were nervous, too, since both are going to new schools this year. #2 daughter has arrived at her school and is having a great time. And I have a day off today. Not only is this the first day I haven’t worked (including Sunday) in nearly two weeks, it is also the first day I have been by myself in three months.

I know that people who live alone get lonely, and I am thankful for my beloved family, but for me the occasional time in a quiet house is a great luxury. Unfortunately, thoughts of all the things I ought to do are rushing into my head. The neglected garden, the neglected housework, my neglected sewing. My neglected volunteer work. The things #2 daughter left behind that need boxing up and storing, and the things we need to send to her. The things I need to ship to #1 daughter. Her quilt, set aside in July. Cleaning the refrigerator, paying the bills, making a grocery list, getting ready for tonight’s rehearsal.

However, I am resolved to rest today. By yesterday evening I was just too tired to function. I need to be able to go back to work tomorrow and be the energetic one, since The Empress and That Man still won’t have had a day off. And I need to be awake and paying attention when the boys get home from their first day of school.

So I am going to pay the bills, and do as much housework as it takes to make the house a pleasant place to rest, and then I am going to enjoy a quiet day filled with reading and knitting. The big knitting adventure for the day is finishing and felting the clogs. I’m excited about that. They currently look like slippers for Sasquatch, but I anticipate the sort of magical transformation I have seen on other kintting blogs. #2 daughter also offered up a couple of her wool sweaters which have seen better days, so I will felt them and use them, along with my poor ruined Viking sweater, to make a nice patchwork throw, as seen in Natural Home. And maybe I’ll bake some cookies for after school snacks. Everything else I will attempt to ignore.