I’m feeling slightly panicky about tuition and books. The amounts of money needed in the next week or two are just so much more than I actually have… People keep offering me jobs, though, and if I keep working lots and lots of hours, perhaps people will pay me before things get desperate.

This is the problem. Working more is the obvious solution to needing more money. But it only works out if the payments come in before I need to pay the tuition and buy the books. Which they don’t have to, since I invoice people. I don’t even invoice for a lot of the stuff I’m doing now until the day before the tuition payment.

I have one guy who owes me enough to pay for all the textbooks. I haven’t been able to collect from him, though, in spite of extensive efforts. #1 daughter says it’s time to take him to court. I don’t have time, though. Sigh.

ODesk is the rescue in this situation — there’s a regular payday, and guaranteed payment, so working more there is directly and fairly quickly connected to being paid more.

Obviously, I haven’t been to the gym. I did walk to choir last night, though. The air has changed, the light has shifted, it’s possible to believe that fall might be coming.

My bento box lunch yesterday was successful in the healthy foods department, with bean soup and produce. It was satisfying, too. It was not cute, and of course I didn’t pack it ahead of time. My plan to get into the habit of packing lunch in the mornings is not going so well.