As I embark on my 18th straight workday, I am thinking about work itself. I was brought up to believe in work. I admire hard workers. I believe that working hard toward a goal is satisfying, and that we are designed to work and to gain a sense of accomplishment from our work. I believe that work is love made visible and that he who chops his own wood gets warm twice.

I just don’t, at the moment, remember why I believe these things.

My continual working this summer has made me cross, tired, whiny, and self-centered.

Obviously, there is a limit. But the new term is beginning, so I am getting calls asking me to teach  Sunday school, to help on projects, to start my Tuesday class, to make a decision about the Chamber Singers and the Master Chorale.

I will not be going to the first rehearsal of the Chamber Singers tonight, of that I am sure. I am just too whiny, cross, tired, and self-centered. I did go to choir practice last night, but that is a duty as well as a pleasure, while the Chamber Singers is strictly for fun.

The HGP begins on Monday and I am determined also to get back to the gym next week. But this week I have been determinedly loafing in the mornings — after fixing breakfast, cleaning the kitchen, doing the laundry, and seeing the boys off to school, of course.

Am I whining again?

Anyway, here is the sheep modeling Pipes. I have a bit less than 2 inches to go before dividing the work into sleeves and body.

It is not a very good fit for the sheep, I fear, but I think you can see the nice geometric effect of the colorwork.

I am about to get to the end of what is, I think, the third skein of Telemark. Nice yarn. It knits up pretty stout and wintery on small needles. I want to try it on larger needles as well, out of curiosity, but I think it would still be a smooth, warm fabric. Just the thing for hats and mittens, but not for socks, I think, unless you are going to tramp about in the snow. Which, come to think of it, many of us will be doing along here sometime. Hard to imagine as the temperature continues to flirt with triple digits, but it will come.

Update from yesterday : Saveloys, Sighkey tells me, are not hot dogs. I am now confused. Here you will find a picture of saveloys, with the explanation that they can be used for “quick and easy hot dogs or a main meal component.” So now I am really confused. What kind of hot dogs are not quick and easy? And how could they be a side dish? Apparently, in the country where this ad was made, hot dogs are a complex dish created with some kind of sausage. What’s more, Cheerios are also a sort of hot dog, I mean sausage, but you can eat them cold after boiling. Really — up your jumper!