At work, I am currently doing what is known in the trade as “fluffing.” That is, while we are selling stuff so fast that we cannot restock at a comparable rate, I am rearranging things to look as though we have plenty. I spread things out, I arrange them asymmetrically, I angle them on the shelf. It looks better, from a purely aesthetic standpoint, and suggests that we are fully stocked even when we aren’t.

At home, I am having a little difficulty getting into my new, school year schedule. I know I am supposed to be making waffles and cleaning the baseboards, but somehow I find myself sitting here reading knitting blogs. And my daughter’s college webring blogs as they all get ready to return to school. And — it doesn’t matter. I shouldn’t be doing it.

Speaking of waffles, do you know the secret to consistently light, crisp waffles? Here it is: separate your eggs. Instead of just adding the eggs to the batter, separate them and add only the yolks. Beat the whites stiff, and whisk them into the batter. You will notice a huge improvement.

I knew you would want to know that.

On the knitting front (and I am at least knitting while I read all the stuff I shouldn’t be spending time reading), I am still working away on both my epic (lace shawl in the Lotus stitch) and my zombie (Brooklyn from Denim People) projects.

I notice that other knitting bloggers have adventures while knitting with denim yarns. Their hands turn blue! They develop tendonitis! It is all thrills and chills! I am using Den-M-Nit, in spite of the name’s parasitical connotations, and having no troubles or adventures of any kind. I haven’t finished, of course, or put the pieces together, or anything, so there may yet be excitement in my future, but so far it seems like a nice yarn, easy pattern, I’ll probably make another some day.

We are singing a Haydn Motet in church on Sunday. It went reasonably well in rehearsal last night. It is a bit of a departure for this choir. “We don’t do much 17th century stuff,” someone laughed. “We should,” said I. And there was a certain amount of agreement.As for the John Rutter arrangement of “When the Saints Go Marching In,” Pokey, we will sing it on October 30th. Start making plans to come down for the weekend. I’ll make you Hallowe’en cookies and everything.