So yesterday I set out on my errands — bank, post office, spying on the competition, used bookstore for my Book Club — and thence to the IRS.

Actually, that was sort of fun. The IRS agent had my sheaves of papers, a couple of calculators, and some pens in different colors, and she was definitely getting into the whole puzzle aspect. Now and then she would run back to her office and do things with the computer and then come back out. She was talking about it all sort of excitedly, and then I would say something like, “So, can I assume at this point that I do not in fact owe the IRS $2600?” and she would say, “Oh, no, I’m not saying that.”

After a bit, she called out from her computer, “Bingo!” just as they do on TV detective shows. She was very excited. At that point, it was clear that I do not actually owe the money, but it is not at this point clear that I won’t have to pay them anyway.

The agent closed up at this point and said things like, “I can’t tell you what to do, ma’am, but I can kind of nudge your arm in the right direction.” They aren’t very good at hinting, these IRS agents, but they do let you guess what you should do and then they say, “You could do that” with a significant glance.

I have six weeks to work out the mess before they start…. I don’t know, frankly, what they will do after six weeks, but they have given me a hold.

So I got home and my hands had sort of just stopped shaking and then I got a phone call with further horrible news. Or maybe not. Let’s just say more excitement.

I met with the choir that I am directing, to the extent that I am capable of directing, and then with my Bible study group. it is customary to begin with a little report on the week. I told them all the things that had transpired since I had last seen them.

They were impressed, I’ll tell you. Others have more serious problems, but no one has had the sheer number of things I have dealt with in a single week.

Then I had Bell Camp. We learned how to hold the bell correctly and how to ring it. The woman next to me could not grasp the right direction in which to make her circle. Her difficulties with this completely overshadowed mine. I think I may get the idea during this Camp. Our director is very patient.

Then came my regular choir. I did get into a slight bit of trouble by insisting that “There is a Savior” would be improved by maracas. It might have been my sotte voce “cha cha cha”s in between the phrases that irritated the sopranos, though.

Here’s the sheet music, and here you can listen to a snippet of it. Mentally add “cha cha cha” at all the rests and see if you don’t agree with me.

Today I return to the store. The Poster Queen emailed me with the news that we are running out of things to buy, but that there are lots of boxes to unpack. If the elves would just get onto that overnight, it would help a lot.