Priorities can change. The imminent arrival of Pokey and The Emo King has caused me to think that perhaps a little attention to housekeeping and grocery shopping might be more essential this week than getting to the gym every day.

Chanthaboune says that she doesn’t have anything coordinated in her dorm room, but I am going to give you a peek into her room at home:





Now you have to imagine how it looks after her brothers have been using it for a TV and game room while she’s been away at school. Mentally add piles of boys’ clothes, myriad cups and plates, art supplies on the floor, sports drink bottles under the desk, hand weights by the bed…

Suffice it to say that it needs a little work before she gets here Friday night. 

Here is another lovely German hymn, “All My Heart This Night Rejoices.” This is my current favorite Christmas carol, because it is so beautiful. In fact, I have been waiting all year to sing it again. It is a 17th century song. I’ll tell you, they really knew how to put together a carol back then, didn’t they?

Or, interlined and with the nice harmonies:

Paul Gerhardt wrote the words, and Catherine Winkworth translated them, as she did so many fine German hymns. This tune is by Johann Ebeling. Other tunes are sometimes used, but why would you want to?