Today’s song is “Come Ye Lofty, Come Ye Lowly,” a Breton dance tune arranged by Gustav Holst. It’s very fun and sprightly.

Yesterday was a day full of challenges. That’s ambiguous, of course, because we use “challenge” both to describe fun puzzle-like hard stuff and also to refer euphemistically to frustrating things. Yesterday held some of each.

I did a couple of blogs and then went to give an exam. While there, I read ahead of the book club in Why Does E=mc2? and found myself enmired in math.

I’ve always had some trouble with the idea that having the math come out right proves something about the universe. I particularly have trouble with the idea that having the math come out wrong allows us to posit random stuff (multiple universes, for example) to make the math come out right, and then behave as though it must actually exist in reality.

Isn’t that sort of like deciding that the existence of an extra chair at the table proves that there must actually be another dinner guest?

Anyway, the diagrams got stuck in my head, and on the way home I found that everything I looked at appeared to have little arrows and letters on it. There are, I have to tell you, hypoteneuses everywhere you look.

Arrived home, I intended to get the highest priority items covered and then grade papers and finish up #2 son’s sweater before he arrived.

However, there were all these broken things. One of the blogs where I post on Wednesdays was down, and the template for one of the newsletters I write every month was broken, and then I had a request from one of the folks I blog for to add an example to his post.

The post in question was on how you can use simple URLs to run a program from a command line within another program. Unsurprisingly, no example sprang to mind.

I contacted assorted computer guys and eventually came up with one, added it, and moved on to the next task.

That wasn’t what the client had meant. He meant I should include an example of the code.

Here was his suggestion: “Perform an immediate two-way synchronization between 2 directories: “FRPCLI mirror2way  //WinLA/C:\Data\LA //OSXAtlanta/Documents/LA”

I confessed that I didn’t know how to use that in a sentence.

“Basically,” the client clarified, “it shows syncing 2 directories, one on WINLA computer and the other on OSXAtalanta computer and the command is ‘mirror2way.’ The point is to show how easy it is.”

“Ah, yes,” I said drily. It was an IM conversation, so he might not have realized that I was saying it in a sardonic manner.

He kept saying stuff like this for a while, and then said, “Do you know what I’m talking about?”

“Of course not,” I answered.

Not perhaps the best answer, but I was getting exasperated by then and so was he, I think. I don’t think he realizes that “mirror2way” isn’t a normal thing to say.

#2 son arrived home, I finished up the blog posts, fed everyone hot roast beef sandwiches, and headed out for caroling.

The caroling was quite disorganized and involved a lot of getting lost. This was the other kind of challenge, but I wasn’t driving, so I stayed calm and enjoyed the singing.

Home, then, and I almost finished the sweater. I’m going to go now and do so, along with the grading and perhaps the Christmas cards.