I did not spend the night at the store.

Along about 4:00, I got a call from the northern branch saying that they were going to shut down and go home. My husband (and possible ride-giver) hadn’t made it home yet and had his phone turned off, so I decided to walk home, in spite of the cold and snow.

I tried to enjoy being the first to step in the new-fallen, and indeed still-falling snow as I walked past the hulks of cars that had slid off the road and into the walls and ditches. Trudging up the hill, I reminded myself that it wasn’t even a hill compared to Sighkey’s town. At the crest of the hill, there were children sledding, to remind me that people go out in that stuff on purpose, to play. A carful of young men stopped and offered me a ride. You know how you look at people and try to decide whether they are dangerous, based on absolutely no reliable evidence? Well, it is all the more difficult when you are simultaneously trying to determine whether they are good at driving in snow. I thanked them but declined. Heading down the hill, I was thankful that I wasn’t having to drive down a snowy hill. Then I cut through the cemetery and along my road, and made it home before my husband.

#2 son made me a cup of tea and suggested that not having to walk home in the snow was one of the points of cars.

We settled in to watch the snow falling, something which is quite lovely when you don’t have to go out in it.

My husband was delayed by a car ahead of him. It had made it halfway up the hill and gotten stuck. He explained carefully about all the reasons that the driver had gotten stuck, and by then I was too tired of the story to ask how they had all gotten free.

School is canceled today. I will be bundling up and walking — with more suitable shoes — to work.

That’s my 30 minutes. For both days.