21507 This is one skein of Connemara, on its way to becoming a Bijoux Blouse from Oat Couture.

The Yarn Harlot had a thoughtful post on love yesterday, and The Panopticon has a funny list of ways to say “I love you” to a knitter.

That’s in case you sort of missed Valentine’s Day, as I did. It’s a good holiday, and worth observing.

Never mind. Mardi Gras is coming up.

I have a huge amount of music to learn. The Chamber Singers are doing Rutter’s Requiem, Vaughan Williams’s Easter, and a sort of medley of masses, from Monteverdi’s Vespro della B.Vergine to Bruckner’s Locus Iste and a Bach Alleluia. With lots of other stuff in between, of course. The church choir is doing Christus Paradox and a bunch of other flashy stuff, and contemplating a choir trip to #2 daughter’s church. The idea came to us in rehearsal last night. The director asked if I had been up to hear her “outfit” yet, and I said I hadn’t, at which point Suwanna said, “We should all go!” and someone else asked if they would let us sing if we came.

We only had one tenor last night, and he is rather elderly and frail, so it might not have been the ideal grouping for a tour. Ah, if only I were capable of bending my sons to my will!

#2 daughter is coming in tonight, and we plan a game night. I will therefore be cleaning house and making food and stuff like that before work, as well as running to the bank and the gym. This may not be a realistic plan, but I have rehearsal after work.

Blessing says our new business plan is unrealistic, too.

Is realism overrated?

The other suspenseful thing around here is tea. I found one more Yorkshire Tea bag in my purse, so I am having my excellent tea this morning, but then I will be out. #2 daughter was going to bring me some from the Big City, but they had run out. I have ordered some, but I see by the UPS tracking site that it has been wandering around the country, as UPS packages always do. It has been to Parsippiny, NJ (can that be right?). It has been to Memphis. It went to Little Rock and left again at 3:27 this morning. It could get here today, if it tried, but I think perhaps it will be too late to get onto the UPS driver’s truck before she leaves for my house. Especially if it decides to go to Ft. Worth first or something. I continue to hope that my Yorkshire Tea supply will be replenished in time for tomorrow morning’s all-important First Cup, but that may not be realistic either.

I’ve come back because the sun came up and revealed snow all over the ground. What a surprise! Cross off the bank and the gym, I guess.  Sigh. On the other hand, I can get the house cleaned. On the third hand, if the boys are home from school, there is little point, as they will mess it back up while I am at work. I don’t know if this will affect #2 daughter’s travel plans, but it may keep me from going to rehearsal. My husband says not to walk to work today. If I have to work somewhere else, he says, I may have to get accustomed to driving on snow. Hmmm…