This is why I am spending so much of my time at work unpacking. The Poster Queen was in yesterday for a while and got through a few boxes, but she has been off at conferences (they are switching from “scope and sequence” to “focus” — an amazing amount of supposed change in education is actually about terminology) and whatnot, so I am mostly doing all these boxes myself. That is why it is taking so long.

And, while I do think about work some of the time while I am doing it, thinking too much about the other projects that are on hold while I do this would lead to my wanting to dash off to the computer to work on them, or at the very least to my being stressed over not getting them done. Why do that to myself? So I am instead just doing a lot of gentle discursive thinking about my Lenten study, knitting projects, and household arrangements.

We used to have a worker who spent all her time in that sort of thoughtful fog. She would pull off yards of paper towels and then suddenly come to and have to wind them back up, or dust in an abstracted way that didn’t involve any real movement. We all had theories about what it was she contemplated during those hours she spent sort of working with us. I thought she was probably writing a novel in her head the whole time. That Man just  thought she had an active fantasy life.

I have been trying to make some decisions about my knitting projects. It might have been sensible of me to decide these things before I began knitting, but I never seem to do it that way. On the left is the front of Hopkins, while it was still on the needles, being modeled by a stuffed sheep. There is a little band of variegation at the bottom. That is as far as I have gotten on the back. So it is time to make the final decision. Am I going to make the back all variegated? Match it to the front? Or do the whole thing in the fretwork pattern which makes up the top 2/3 of the front? Or frog it back to the ribbing and do it in plain gray? I can’t believe how difficult I am finding this decision. You would think it was important.

As to the other decisions, I am going to enliven my ribbed sock with a cabled knot at the ankle, order the Morocco for my bathmat (from an independent store in my state), and serve the visitors Roasted Pepper Lasagne the first night. The Water Jar had recommended Baked Giraffe, but for some reason Southern Living does not have any recipes for giraffe. No matter. I will lay in plenty of ice cream, and all will be well.