Rosalyne01 has recently made herself a xanga. She was telling me last night that she doesn’t have anything to write about. Then she told me what it feels like to ride the train into NYC, what she thought of the Guggenheim, why she prefers the Met, her views on modern art, and what NYC smells like.

I told her she should write about those things. She said her life was too dull, and she would have to write about playing tug of war with her dogs. She also told me about life on a Navy base, her views on respect in marriage, how strangers react to boxers, and how gaming is affecting conversation styles.

So I suggested that she should write about those things. But she said that people would be bored by anything she had to say, pointing out that the other Navy wives don’t want to talk with her about Dawkins’s views on squid. I said a) I am almost the only person who even knows her xanga is there at the moment, and b) you don’t have to be entertaining on your xanga, because if visitors are bored, they will leave.

Then she explained the difference between a forum and a blog, what it’s like to go to the mall with a bunch of sailors, and — well, anyway, she has a lot of interesting thoughts. And it seems to me that a xanga filled with interesting thoughts is entertaining, even if she is not embedded in a terrorist cell or something obviously exciting.

So, will you do me a favor? Will you go over to her xanga and leave her a word of encouragement? Thank you.

I can offer you no knitting content today because I have not had any time to knit. However, on February 1st, 2005,  I posted a photo tutorial on sock heels. If you were seeking pictures of knitting, you could use the little calendar thing on the left to go there.

Oh, and I just have to tell you about the little girl who came into the store yesterday. She was playing with the trains, and making them go “choo choo choo baah!” She then told me that the store dog was a sheep. He goes Baah!, she assured me, because he is a sheep. Apparently the train was also a sheep. I’ll tell you, I had to restrain myself from inviting her to join the Welsh Knitting Olympics team.

Oh, and Sighkey has a math question up that demands an answer.