We had a snow day yesterday. Well, the boys had a snow day. I went to work. My husband went to work.  #1 daughter and Son-in-Law went to a neighboring state to see #2 daughter. The boys stayed home and used their school lunch money to have pizza delivered. They also had snow ball fights and used way more electricity and gas than anyone really needs. When I came home and told them choir practice had been cancelled, however, #2 son said that was good, because I am “fun to have around.” That’s worth something.

Here is Hopkins. It is named Hopkins after Gerard Manley Hopkins who wrote the poem “Pied Beauty,” which begins “Glory be to God for dappled things.” Hopkins earned that name by being made with variegated yarn. It is quite a beautiful poem, and if you didn’t read it in high school, this would be a good time to do so. Here’s a link: http://www.bartleby.com/122/13.html I think, though that there is a typo here and the cow in line 2 should be “brindled.” Maybe not.

The Water Jar, who appears to find it odd that my sweater has a name (not a knitter, obviously), suggests that poetry is not read and appreciated as it used to be. People do not read poetry for pleasure any more, it would seem. Reverse the trend! Go read some poetry! It takes very little time, because the stuff is usually short. But I digress.

I was showing you Hopkins so that you could see the stitch markers. When doing color work, it helps to put a marker at the beginning of each repeat. That way, if you lose track of what you are doing on the chart, you need only go back to the beginning of that repeat. And if you make an error, you will catch it within the repeat (when you run out of stitches or have some left) rather than at the end of a long row. This is my advice for the day.

The snow is gone now, fortunately. I am hoping that all the plants, which were leafing and budding and generally carrying on as though it were spring, have not been blighted. With luck, they will merely have been watered and invigorated.