I spent a lot of time yesterday looking for good math websites, specifically sites for fractals and the Fibonacci sequence.  I kept finding stuff like this.

Which is to say, badly designed, poor-usability sites with antique coding.


Why can’t we have some good math sites? Do we really have so little respect for math that no one in the whole world has yet been willing to pay for a good, modern website?

I find this frustrating. Here I am with an extremely high-value link to bestow, and all I can find is a bunch of horrible sites.

Science options are a little bit better. But it depends on your subject. Mitosis? Easy.

I’m working on a new site for a local natural foods store, and there too I’m giving away some high-value (for locals) links to alternative health care practitioners. They also all have rotten sites.

It’s possible that I’m becoming like those people who walk around all offended because other  folks are badly dressed or overweight. I feel as though web surfers shouldn’t be forced to look at these badly-built sites.

I did a little knitting last night while watching Leverage.  The second sleeve is about halfway finished. I may get this sweater done sometime soon.

I also walked through the snow, in the dark, to choir. And yes, indeed, I did slip on a bit of snow with ice under it, and fall, sliding neatly down into a ditch. But I just got up and walked on.

Janalisa gave me a ride home. Soon there’ll be light when it’s time to go to choir, and after that, there’ll even be light when it’s time to walk home. In the meantime, when #1 son is working on Wednesday evenings, I have a bit of a quandary.

I could carry a flashlight. That hadn’t occurred to me until just this moment, but it seems like a good idea.