I spent much of yesterday virtually in the UK. This happens when you’re working on stuff for another country. I think it’s the reason that I get all that pornographic sounding spam in German — though I don’t have enough German to know for sure what they’re saying, so it doesn’t bother me much.

Last time I was hanging out in the virtual UK, I got to see how different it is not to talk about drug users primarily as criminals. This time, I got to learn about compliment slips. These are little things rather like business cards with the words “with compliments” on them, and space to write. English people put them into packages, it would seem, and use them to write little notes on. Isn’t that a charming custom?

I (virtually) know a woman who works for an English IT company. I know from reading her blog what it is like to work for the British. I now also know that it is a normal business custom in the UK to send people little gifts and write them little complimentary notes.

Now, I do get compliments, in the American English sense, from my clients. I have no complaints there. But I can’t help but notice that, even though I now work for three English companies, I still do not have access to a break room filled with chocolate, Welshmen, or little presents with notes saying, “with compliments.”

As an American, I have access to an astounding number of TV channels and large amounts of open space, but I’m not sure that this is a fair trade-off.

I got up with my husband at 4:30 this morning, but I was so tired that I went back to bed after I made his coffee, and slept until 7:00. I am now therefore not tired or sleep-deprived, but I am feeling groggy, because that’s what going back to sleep does to a person.

I have to go write some soul-stirring words on personalised and specialised printing (I keep telling my spell checker that I’m in England, but it forgets and corrects me all the time anyway), and then I have virtual meetings with a couple of my developers regarding revolutionary new processes or something. Developers have revolutions continually. You’d think they were small countries in extreme climates. I also have lots of papers to grade. And then I have to write Australian for a bit, and if I have time I will then analyze some hunting stories in preparation for a meeting tomorrow.