Over at See Eunny Knit, there is a whole series of posts going on about steeking. I am currently working on a project designed with steeks, and while I have chosen to work it flat so far, I will (sometime in March or April, at my current rate of speed) need to decide whether to steek at the sleeves. I’m inclined not to, but I am reading all I can on the subject in order to make an informed decision. Eunny says that it is faster to work Fair Isle from the front, and gives this as the reason for steeking rather than working on the flat. My response is “so what?”

But that was just a brief comment. The series is primarily composed of photographs of the various methods of steeking, step-by-step, with arrows and lines and stuff. Eunny has actually made multiple swatches and steeked them in different methods, apparently all for the delectation of the blog reader. This level of dedication is so far above and beyond any required (and perhaps any reasonable) degree of blog duty that she deserves to have people come over and look at it.

So go, knitters, and admire.