#2 son has been giving me advice. I like getting advice. #2 son just has sudden bursts of it. He sort of lectures me, actually, which #1 daughter says is a family trait.

“You’re in a perfect position to do a test,” #2 son informed me. “Just track the agencies and the private clients and do a profitability analysis.”

He’s an Econ major.

He also says that I should be more businesslike, and that I should have a regular payday for all my workers, including myself. I expect he’s right.

I continue to have to make collection efforts, though, and then there’s the arts center, which owes me $6000 but has just sent a mass email to all the writers saying that the payment process is a lengthy one. Since this is who I’ve been working for most for the past six weeks, this is kind of an issue for me.

I quit handbells, using the simple method of just not going. The director didn’t say anything, so I guess he’s grasped it.

In other work news, I’m having another designer issue today. I’m supposed to work with a designer for one of my IT clients who is dabbling in web design. I’ve tried to work with this designer before, and I find it difficult. Basically, I say “Can we get this highly important item up at the top where people will look at it?” and the designer says, “No. I have a lot of reasons I won’t do that, though I’m not going to tell them to you.” This is my client’s problem, really, not mine, but it’s frustrating for me. It keeps me from doing my best work.