See how my marker board has become completely useless? The tidy list at the top, and then the increasing disorder at the bottom, with stuff written it all cattywampus — not good. I need to erase it and start over.

Yesterday’s class was good. I was astounded, since it was 7:30 in the morning, to have 25 students. We had to bring in chairs. That won’t last, but it was nice. The secretary had been concerned that the class wouldn’t make, and there I was with overrides.

Then I rewrote a site, and was only slightly late to lunch with Janalisa. We talked about our businesses and our kids, mostly. We were at Jason’s Deli, where they make a nice sandwich involving croissant, bacon, turkey, and avocado, but the thought of having the Wii Fit tell me I had gained a tenth of a pound caused me to order an ordinary turkey sandwich. It was a nice punctuation for the day.

As we were talking about work, Janalisa said, “They’re all men!” She works in a field in which most of her clients are women. I am of course aware that I work almost entirely for men (note that “almost”), but I hadn’t thought about it. Once she pointed it out, though, I sure did notice it. After I got back to work, I had calls and emails from guys all afternoon. Single women should go into this field.

Then I got back to the Arts Center project. I’m working on a series originally written by someone who has come to irritate me a lot. This person can’t say “Read and respond to this quote” but instead must say “Read and consider, carefully, the words reproduced below, of William Dean Howell. Negotiate conclusions based on the ….” So I was sort of predisposed to dislike the last one in the series, I guess.

But then I discovered that it was a geography lesson about Hannibal, Missouri. The series is about Mark Twain, so that’s reasonable, but the thing is stuffed with geography terms like “Southwest Mississippi River Basin” and “Missouri/Illinois Mississippi River Basin” and “Missouri Mississippi River village towns.”

What the heck?

I spent an hour trying to track down some reasonable description of the region containing Hannibal, and if anyone has a good suggestion, I’d be happy to hear it.

Then we had choir, with a nice piece that combined “Wachet Auf” with “He Leadeth Me.” Hard to imagine, perhaps, but really quite nice.

Lots of work waiting for me today, so I suppose I had better get dressed. And redo my marker board.