Yesterday was a day full of cool stuff.

My class went well, though I still didn’t get pictures as I promised I would. I got the first set of papers downloaded from my online class, graded, and uploaded, so there are no more new tech skills to work on there. I had a couple new jobs begin and a phone call from someone who seems pretty serious — I’ve had a query already this morning, and am getting at least one new thing a day, so that’s pretty cool. I’ve been doing a lot of work through oDesk, but #1 daughter gave me a stern talking to about failing to build my business with private clients, so I was happy to be able to pass along to her this morning the initial contact from a smart phone app developer. I’m having to put people out on my calendar, which makes me feel like a real computer guy, though it also makes me wake up at 4:00 a.m. and skip going to the gym.

I will get to the gym today.

In fact, I’ve been tracking my billable and unbillable hours this week, and so far there have been two kinds of unbillable hours: talking with clients or prospective clients, and figuring out how to do stuff. That seems good. It also seems okay to me that I’m working more for oDesk, since I’m not ambitious at all and I’m having lots of fun, but I see her point. She feels that I’m weakening my brand, as it were, by doing mostly agency work.

But there was more cool stuff.  Hancock’s of Paducah sent me a catalog. I’d never heard of these guys before, but I have never seen so many lovely quilting fabrics in my entire life. They have art nouveau prints, and retro cartoon elephants and fairies and all kinds of extreme tropical prints which I could make into Rosie the Riveter shirts if I wanted to defy my daughters.

True, I haven’t sewn at all in months. But there could come a time, once I get my billable hours and unbillable hours in proper alignment, when I could return to it, and when I do, I’ll be secure in the knowledge that I have a source of more fabrics than I could imagine on my own. In the meantime, it’s like a seed catalog in January.

And it’s January. So that works.

In amongst the communications on upcoming and in-progress jobs, I had an invitation to a party.

Then came bell practice, and we did singing bells. This is a technique in which you sort of stir your handbell with a wooden stick. After a while, it sets up an impressive vibration. I tried to find you a picture of this, but I only find things assuring me that this type of music will unblock chakras. I don’t concern myself with chakras, but I did really enjoy the singing bells. If you ever have the opportunity to try this, go for it.

The next cool thing was the arrangement of “And Can It Be,” which was very nice with two flutes, a sax, me, and The Baritone when he wandered by. We can bring the choirlet in as well, perhaps.

And finally, having come home and found that a recently completed job had left me really nice feedback on my oDesk page and enjoyed a conversation with #1 daughter, I finished the day with a new book from Christopher Buckley, Boomsday. The title refers to the time when the baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) all retire, putting an enormous strain on the economy and leading to — well, I don’t know yet, because I just started reading the book. But this is a favorite author of mine, and just having a new book of his to read is enough to make me as happy as a couple of clams.