It’s cold today, and I’m feeling sleep-deprived. Let’s see, what else can I whine about? I guess cold and sleepy are it. I think I’m now cold enough, and after four days of getting up at 4:20 a.m. sleepy enough, to be less than totally productive. I may turn up the heat — in fact, I just did. I also put on a wool hat. I guess I can’t take a nap at 7:30 a.m., but I might at some point in the day.

Getting up way too early does mean that I have plenty of time for Wii Fit. If you do a full 30 minutes, it has one of its characters jump around in celebration for you. The fact that I didn’t know that before means that, while I have been doing about half an hour’s worth every day for the past 12 days without fail, I must not actually have hit the 30 minute mark before. A bit of a shock, that.

I also have time for a proper hot breakfast. All this will end when I start those 7:30 classes, of course. Not the exercise, I hope. I have a new blogging client beginning next month, a spinal rehab guy, so I’ll be balancing my chocolate blogging with spinal health blogging.

When I was writing the spine guy’s website, I was so persuasive that I ordered myself a proper desk chair. It’s called a “posture” chair, a term which I vaguely associate with secretaries. My current chair, which I picked up by the side of the road (around here, you can out old furniture by the curb and hope someone carts it away for you) doesn’t actually make contact with my back at all. And then I put my feet up on the seat while working, so you can see why I scared myself while I was writing about all the horrible things that can happen to a person’s spine.

I tried out a proper office chair at one of the Suwanda’s shortly thereafter and was amazed by the difference. Your back is supposed to touch the back of the chair, see. The back of my chair slumps too far back, and also sometimes lists crazily to the side.

I’ll let you know whether the chair changes my life or anything.






2 responses to “Spine”

  1. ozarque Avatar

    The chair I use for work is actually a Ford Taurus seat, wrangled onto a base with casters by my husband, and it unquestionably changes my life — in the sense that I’m able to work hours longer than I could with a standard office chair.

    And there’s light at the end of the tunnel: they’re talking about 30s and 40s once we get through the weekend. I never thought I’d consider 30s and 40s tropical, but that’s how it looks to me now.

  2. CanadianNational Avatar

    How much was it? I work at my computer a lot – and would love a decent chair.