#2 son came home yesterday. He showed off his new sports gear and told us about his experiences as an RA at Governors School.

He and a colleague had done a presentation for the students on hip-hop vs. rap music. He had wanted, he said, to get a discussion going among the students.

“My worst fear was that no one would show up,” he said, “but then 30 students came. So my next worst fear was that nobody would talk. But they had lots of ideas and got excited. I left with more questions than I started with — that’s my idea of learning.”

I just love that. And in fact I’m very impressed with him overall, even though he is my son. If he were interviewing for a position in my company, I’d be excited to have him.

As a parent, this naturally gives me hope that he’ll be able to support himself, and/or be useful in the family business.

#1 daughter is getting serious with our video production. We’re trying to do things to increase the stock of work.

You may remember the stock of work. The items on the left are where my work comes from. “Random Clients” is now a larger thing and I have several more regular customers, but otherwise it’s about the same. In the past, I’ve found that doing a little bit to increase the inflow of work results pretty quickly in lots of work. Work lapping around my ankles and threatening to overflow, in fact. At the moment, we have work lapping around #2 daughter’s ankles and threatening to overflow, and mine is just over my toes. This is good.

#1 daughter is doing the back office stuff  (invoices go out today) and making better videos and stuff for our educational site. The educational site in question is our little lab for SEO and also for affiliate marketing. We’re set up with Amazon. I know some of you guys do this sort of thing, too, so I’m going to share some numbers with you. It’s hard to get useful data, it seems to me, because so often the only people sharing their numbers are those who’ve made lots of money and want to sell you their secret. We’re not in either category.

The first month, we earned $2.15. The second month, we earned $10.65. So far this month, we’ve had 30 orders. They haven’t all shipped, and we’re currently getting orders every day, so I don’t know what the total will be. My goal, though, was to pay for the hosting of the site. We’ve definitely achieved that.

Today I will finish up a site for men’s underwear, I expect, and one for children’s clothes. Then I’ll get on at last to my online linkbuilding course, which is due on the 1st. Also, my husband has requested beef stew for dinner, so there will have to be cooking and probably grocery shopping first. And we have houseguests coming this weekend, so there will have to be housework at some point.

I’m having fun. I hope you are, too.