Thursday July 2, 2009

Did I tell you about the board meeting?

I think I may have gotten so excited about my barely-behaving divs that I skipped that.

As you know, if you always read my blog and have total recall, I always take the position that I’m happy to work, but I won’t serve on boards. I was therefore a little surprised to be copied on an invitation to the AAUW board meeting. However, I’m working on their website, so I figured they wanted a presentation on the subject.

Imagine my surprise when I arrived and found that I was on the slate of officers for the new year as communications officer and co-chair of yearbook.

This is what happens when you miss a meeting.

The board meeting was held in a corporate conference room, with enormous padded swivel chairs and plates of fruit and chicken. I had traveled up with La Bella, who needed to leave after an hour, and I had been planning on just answering questions about the website and being out of there, so I missed most of the meeting.

That was okay. This is an exemplary organization, and their board meetings will I’m sure be tolerable, but an hour is plenty for me.

The cleaner came for her monthly visit yesterday, so my house is lovely and clean today. I walked over the choir practice last night in the cooling evening and walked back with the fireflies after an hour of singing, feeling that all was well with the world.

An hour of singing is not nearly as long as an hour of board meeting.

#2 son has been playing around with the accounting system and feels that he has it under control and can keep it up to date. Blessing went off to a rustic cabin in Branson, so I have no invoices to send out. I’m therefore hoping that it’s true that he can do it.

I’ve also downloaded gotomypc, which allows remote access to all the files on a computer, assuming it’s ont he internet. I asked my file replication software guy whether it was the same as his stuff and he ignored me (IT guys feel free to do this), but if so it gives me a better understanding of the point of his software. I’ll be able to get to all my files and keep up on things a bit while I’m on vacation, this increasing my chances of being able to pay the enormous tuition bills.

Anyway, my house is clean, I’ve had some non-work experiences, I have people helping me, and my divs are behaving pretty well.

Life is good.






2 responses to “Thursday July 2, 2009”

  1. ozarque Avatar

    Congratulations on all the positive developments! And remember: It is possible to resign from a board.

  2. CanadianNational Avatar

    Wow. The description of you walking after choir practice sounds divine. I miss fireflies. In Oregon, we have a gazillion dragonflies and I love those. But no fireflies.