Here is how we feel today. The heat is excessive. Only the cat is actually behaving like this, but this is how we all feel.

We have given in to the heat. We move slowly, if at all. Housework has dwindled to nearly nothing. Gardening, too.



We did go out for #2 daughter’s birthday. We decided to go downtown for lunch and a preprandial stroll. We have a very picturesque downtown. Since we are the county seat, we have an arts center and a town center building and a fine little downtown section, even though we are a small town.


The gardens are especially nice. We actually win prizes for them, in those beautiful town competitions. Is it bragging, if I have absolutely no responsibility for any of it?


We moseyed around the square, stopping on the way to visit this place. #2 daughter used some birthday money to buy a couple of small items, at which point the pretty girl behind the counter said, “Is there anything else you’d like? That I could hook you up with? For free?” We were taken aback. She gave #2 daughter some extra goodies for a birthday gift. We attribute this to the adorableness of #1 son, who goes to school with her.

We had lunch at one of the downtown landmarks, and then it was time for a ritual drink. We went to this rather horrible bar and ordered a daiquiri for #2 daughter. She got to show her ID, and the bartender studied it with great seriousness. He brought her a frozen red thing and charged me $6. It tasted fairly appalling, and #2 daughter gave up on it after a couple of sips. Just as well, really, because she had to go to work. We were disappointed, though. I remember strawberry daiquiris with whipped cream at ladylike lunch places like The Berkeley. Sort of like dessert. Obviously, you don’t go to a bar like this to get a daiquiri, even if they do put it on their banner. In our town, however, ladylike lunch places do not have licenses to serve mixed drinks. Not that #1 son would have wanted to go to a ladylike lunch place anyway. We went to the famous underground burger place. It is not underground in any political sense. It is just in a basement. You go downstairs to enter. But they do not serve daiquiris.

We reminisced with Dr. Drew about ordering Shirley Temples (ginger ale and grenadine) for the girls when they were little, and he told us about the Roy Rogers, which is Coke and grenadine or something like that. We threatened to get one for #1 son, but he vetoed the suggestion. He did ask for a sip of the supposedly strawberry daiquiri, but we had to refuse that.

I went home to can some chow chow and bake a birthday cake. #2 son had computer stuff to do, and of course had to catch up on his lying around, since he had made quite a few motions during the course of the day.

I finished the second bawk. It is supposed to be more manly than the first. I cannot hold myself up as an arbiter of manliness, as we know. The variegation (I have never cared for variegated yarn, I admit) turned into reasonably nice stripes.

And I have been holding out on you as to yarn. This is the other package from Fuzzy Mabel: Kokopelli in Turquoise Trail. It was a present for #2 daughter, so she had to see it before I posted it. However, I share it with you in case you might be considering using it. This is a very soft and luxurious yarn. It has a bit of a sheen, and a thick, handspun feel. It is destined to be felted, so I will show you how that works out. In the skein, though, it is lovely stuff.

And the last bit of knittting news is a FO from #2 daughter, who completed her felted bag. This is the Carried Away bag from Simple Knits for Sophisticated Living. She used Lamb’s Pride worsted for the bag, and Frisky for the straps, which she left unfelted. This is the third felted bag we’ve done this summer, between us, and there is one more planned — this same bag, with the horizontal-to-vertical ratio reversed, in the Kokopelli. This may satisfy our felted bag desires, but maybe not. It’s hard to stop once you get started.