As you can see, celebrity knitting is nothing new. Here is a picture of the lovely Rita Hayworth, knitting on the set of “You’ll Never Get Rich.”

We are experiencing a little mild celebrity at our house. #2 daughter’s academic accomplishments were announced in the paper. And then we had the chance to see #2 son looking very excited about his group’s trebuchet on the evening news. It was pretty exciting, too. They launched their basketball or whatever it was a very long way, and very high in the air as well. If that had been burning pitch, the neighboring castles would have had to watch themselves, I’ll tell you. We will get to see the demonstration in person tomorrow.

Since we live in a small town, it is not unusual for one kid or another — or even me — to be in the paper or on the news. We have people in the family who are actually well known in the outside world, but it is not long since our local paper printed names of out of town visitors, so we probably get more ink than our illustrious relatives.

The sleeves continue. I am certain that doing them both at once is the right decision, since my counting is not exemplary. And I always knit my flat bits on a circular needle. I learned this from my grandmother, too. It’s much more comfortable than having long sticks to deal with, and the stitches are less likely to slip off. And of course you can easily string two sleeves along the one circular needle. But there is a danger inherent in this method. When you get to the edge of one sleeve, you must either go across and work the other sleeve, or turn around and go back along the one you’ve just done. If you are not paying attention — if, for example, you are engaged in reading about exotic locales — it is very easy to make the wrong choice between those two courses of action, and end up a couple of rows ahead on one of the sleeves. This is what I have done. So I must now count all my rows and catch up on the shorter sleeve and check my increases…