7 We have a nice canteloupe vine growing in the lawn at the foot of the basketball standard. We didn’t plant it, but we look forward to eating it.

I’m going to have to drive up to the next county today. The initial plan to have that final interview in this town has been changed.

There are good things about that. For one thing, I can see just exactly how horrible I find the drive. Since I have the tiniest sliver of possibility of taking that job in my mind, the drive might get rid of it once and for all.

For another, it will give me a good opportunity to listen to the CDs from the Rosetta Stone program and give them a fair review, too.

I still haven’t decided what to wear. Two suits for two interviews seemed like plenty, nd here I am having a third interview with the same person. If I’d been thinking about this sufficiently ahead of time, I could have made or bought a summer dress which would work with one of the jackets, but also be worn for the rest of the summer in other circumstances.

When I checked my email this morning, the first thing I saw was a response to one of my link requests. A link request is just an email to someone suggesting that your client (or you, of course)  has a web site that would be interesting to that person’s readers, so they should add a link to your (or your client’s) site at their site. Most people don’t answer these at all. Sometimes including me. So it’s nice when somebody answers. It’s especially nice when they answer affirmatively.

This person had googled me and listed in her response several of the ventures I am or have been associated with, asking how my tech workshops had gone and why the link to the store redirected.

I was a little taken aback. I hadn’t thought of the possibility of people I’m sending link requests to going to the trouble of looking me up.

Of course, it’s always a possibility, and fortunately my life is an open book, and even more fortunately, I don’t misrepresent myself when making link requests, so there’s nothing wrong with it, but it was eye-opening.

Eye-opening is something I need today. Maybe another cup of tea will help.