Here’s Brooklyn. This is of course the purl side. Stockinette is so dull when it comes to progress pictures that you have to add some variety somehow.

The good news on Brooklyn is that putting the skein on a spindle instead of winding it is working quite well, as you can see from the picture on the right. You may not have a recipe holder of this type — though you could easily make one. But I think that there are also wooden paper towel holders, and perhaps even office spindles if you were careful, that would work equally well to keep your skein from tangling.

Or you could just wind it into a ball the way you’re supposed to.

That was the good news. The bad news is that there seems to be quite a bit of color variation from one ball to the next. Can you see it? #1 son can. So I am thinking about whether to go ahead and frog the second ball (which will be more complicated thanks to the spindle business) or let it go. I did not check the dye lot numbers of either ball before starting it, so I will not know which ball is the one that is different. I may need to frog the whole thing. Or, if it is not that Elann slipped in one ball from a different dye lot, but that there just is a lot of color variation in this yarn, then I will have to do that alternate-rows thing every time when switching from one ball to another. I shall give it some thought.

We are expecting Dr. Drew this weekend (I will not say one word about politics) and we will also have #2 son home. We are trying to come up with back-to-school shopping lists, haircut appointments before school starts, fees and tuition, accurate schedules, and transportation for everyone. Getting #2 daughter back to school in the neighboring state may be the hardest part. She can’t go back on the weekend, when we could drive her — though she might be able to stay with one of my aunts till the dorm opens. She doesn’t like the idea of taking the bus, though that is what I always did when I was a student. She would like to take “her” car, except that it is the same vehicle #1 son is talking about when he says he is going to drive “his” car to school this year. And either way it doesn’t have a spare tire.

Both boys share this anti-bus sentiment. What’s wrong with the bus? I can just imagine the hilarity that would have ensued if I had told my parents I wasn’t going to take the bus and wanted them to drive me to school — at any age.

However, my mother is currently having a discussion over at her blog about the idea of whether making things easy for people is bad for them or not (well, it’s more complicated than that, but you can go over there and get the details if you want. And if you do, you will notice that I am mentioned, and yes, I do think that such a person would be a sadistic jerk, even if he managed to convince himself that his intentions were good. I think sadists are good at self-deception, as are jerks. I am not defending this position over at Ozarque’s place because they can get mean over there, so I try to restrain myself. My readers are nice, however, and so I can say any old thing I please over here. But I digress). I think that my mother would have felt that driving me back to college every fall would have been not just outlandish, but also bad for me. It would have been coddling or something. Ditto for driving us kids to school when we had legs to walk with, and a perfectly good bus.

Who knows how we might have turned out had we been spoiled like that.