#1 daughter and I are up visiting #2 daughter. The main point of the trip was for us to attend a meeting for a conference we’re co-hosting, and that meeting took place last night. We’ll still be up here for a couple of days. We’re hoping to have a bit of fun while we’re here, but for me the next couple of days will need to include more working and less eating.

One of my new clients is a baby clothes shop that sells handmade gear. Very cute stuff. I also have another IT company and a manufacturer. I had contacts from a realtor and a martial arts trainer, too, but those aren’t settled yet. Variety is always good.

I’m also participating slightly in back to school.

For many years I did back to school as a parent, taking one entire paycheck and all my children out for a  day of shopping with a bunch of lists from the school and their clothing inventories. Then I was a bookseller and I did back to school from the retail side, an experience which I do not recommend. For the past couple of years I’ve been back in the classroom teaching, but mostly back to school has been about scraping together money for textbooks for my boys. I pay tuition for them for ten months of the year, so that’s pretty much an ongoing thing. This year, they’re even buying their own books.

But my educational blog is getting pretty popular (see my visits at left) and I’m getting orders every day at Amazon, so there’s a bit of  a pale imitation of my bookseller days.

I think it’s pretty cool that the traffic is increasing like this, actually. Even if it is just back to school and will die away in October, I’m enjoying it right now. When I get home, I have to prep for my classes — I have a new textbook, which I like a lot, but that means a new syllabus and new online classes.

Today I must work solidly all day. We traveled on Tuesday and went to check out conference venues, and then yesterday we did a lot of talking, and also got seven job offers/leads, which are time consuming to respond to, not to mention preparing for the meeting. so I’m feeling a bit behind on my work. I realize that I usually feel a bit behind on my work.

Even so.