There is a pattern sale at Hancock’s today: McCall’s patterns are 99 cents apiece and Vogue patterns are $3.99 each.

I don’t need any new patterns, because I haven’t yet sewn the SWAP I planned last year at this time. I haven’t even done the buttonholes on my Rosie the Riveter shirt or determined the fate of my nightgown-like top.

However, if I did need new patterns, here are a few of the new Vogue patterns I’d choose:

V1069 This coat has complex and subtle seaming. It’s #1069, I think. I’m not sure a coat is a necessity any more, as our climate veers toward the subtropical, and I couldn’t sew one anyway, but I sure do admire this one.

V1061 This is a hoodie and pull-on pants, for those who do yoga in elegant workout gear, or those who go to the market in workout gear in order to suggest that they do yoga when they actually just hang around.

Comfortable for hanging around, though, I’d think. This one also has neat sunburst seaming on the back, and there is a shorter version of the tunic with no hood. I think it’s #1061.

V1056 This dress has the knot at the neckline, which is still fashionable this year, and looks to be easy to wear and yet festive. I believe it’s #1056. If I weren’t so lazy, I’d check those numbers in case you actually wanted to buy one of these patterns.

It’s lined, too. I read last year that slips were going the way of the dinosaur (though I notice that McCall’s has a new full slip pattern, in a lingerie package including a bra with no underwire, a boy-cut panty, a tanga, a thong, and a camisole, so maybe they’re coming back), and I guess that explains why so many of the dress patterns this year are lined.

V8527 And then there is this pattern for clutches and evening bags. Admittedly, I rarely go anywhere that would require an evening bag. However, I love pleated purses, and this has all kinds of pleats.

One of the sewing bloggers says that when she makes clothes she has no occasion for, it encourages her to create occasions to wear them. Perhaps I’d go out more in the evenings if I made an evening bag or two. Or I could make them for my daughters for Christmas. True, #1 daughter is back in Cowboy Land, but she is fairly glam. She might carry a little pleated clutch to the wild boar hunts and frog giggings. And #2 daughter is up in the Big City, and dates a guy who goes to work in a dinner jacket every night. He is a member of the symphony, it’s true, but perhaps since he’s already dressed up when he gets off work, they could go somewhere chic and she could carry an evening bag.

Today I am going to have my teeth cleaned, and thence to a meeting with a long agenda. Since my personality test suggested that I am analytical to the point of Mr. Spock-osity, I am thinking that I will pay close attention to how I feel at today’s meeting. The agenda items all have to do with the self-employment option, so my response to the meeting, compared with my response to yesterday’s interview, could give me useful data for my decision-making.

I realize that I am being analytical about my emotions. However, #2 daughter suggested that I assign numerical values to each of the pros and cons of both possible choices and create a bar graph, so by comparison it’s practically intuitive.