We are suffering from summertime lethargy here.

Well, perhaps not suffering. Maybe we are enjoying it. It is something like the book The Napping House, “where everyone is sleeping.” We aren’t really all sleeping all the time. I am going to work every day, after all. My husband has the week off and is sleeping so late that I never see him before I leave, but I have reason to believe that he wakes up at some point in the day. #2 daughter has a job as well. But she doesn’t start work until 2:00 pm and I don’t start till 10:00 am. She sleeps in, and I probably would, too, if I didn’t suffer from insomnia. #1 son doesn’t have a job, and his Summer Project is “Getting Taller,” so he doesn’t get up very early either. The dogs snooze all the time.

The crux of the matter is that, when we aren’t sleeping, we aren’t doing much else, either. #1 son is conserving energy for his Summer Project, so he lies, sluglike, playing video games for most of the day. Occasionally he rouses himself to shoot some hoops, but mostly he lolls about. #2 daughter and I go to the gym most days. This involves an hour of my working at dragging her out of bed. We only work out for 45 minutes, so there is more time spent on persuading her to get up than actually exercising. Otherwise in the mornings I play around on the computer, read, and think about all the house and garden work I am not doing. In the evenings, we watch TV, knit, do a crossword puzzle, read …. sometimes the kids go out with friends and #2 daughter and I are practicing our music a little bit, but mostly we loll around.

In late spring and early summer we did a lot of things. We planted a lovely garden, kept it weeded, made things with the herbs from it. We made soap, mixed up shampoo and bubble bath with our own scent blends. We baked, redecorated, quilted, went to the Farmer’s Market. I did the laundry and cleaned. We played games, had friends in, vigorously debated the merits of #2 daughter’s various dates.

All that is past. Now I cable without my cabling needle because I am too lazy to go look for it. We watch TV. We give up the crossword by Wednesday when it starts getting difficult. We have pizza delivered because it is too much trouble to cook. Or even to decide on something to cook.

I have always insisted that the kids have Summer Projects. The point of this was to make sure the summer months weren’t entirely wasted. Now #1 daughter is married and living far away and I don’t know whether she is making good use of her time or not, but it is no longer my problem. #2 daughter is working, so she is exempt from all other projects. #1 son is “Growing Taller.” That is his project. Naturally, this involves eating a lot and avoiding the effects of gravity by lying down as much as possible. #2 son is at the Summer Institute, doubtless working hard and being a credit to his family — but that is like our going to work. Or the gym. It takes place outside the house. In the house, we are all lolling.

Is this wasting the summer months? Outside, it is like a sauna. The bees sound drowsy. In the fall, we will all scurry around, making apple butter and getting plenty of warm woolies ready for the winter, filling the freezer with Christmas cookies and learning all our recital pieces. Maybe now is a good time to loll.