We went to dinner last night with people who have interesting jobs.

One of them retrieves eyes. She harvests them from dead people, but they don’t use the term “harvest.” They like to say “retrieve” or “recover,” as though the eyes had been in their collection and then went missing. So she goes to hospitals and funeral homes, checks out the bodies for signs of STDs, and removes their eyes. I guess she then takes them back to the eye bank.

The other reads through company emails to find damaging stuff. When a company is being sued and their files are seized, he reads through everything to find damaging stuff, which he then passes on to the defending attorneys so they’ll know what they might have to explain away in court.

To me, these jobs are both in the category of Stuff I Probably Knew Had to Be Done By Someone, But Which I’ve Never Thought of as a Job.

I mean, I’m an organ donor. I know organs get removed from bodies. But for some reason I had never thought about someone’s having that job. I guess my mental image was more of a doctor grabbing the eyes and popping them into their new owner. If I had thought about it much, I’d have realized how unlikely that was.

We discussed these things — embarrassing emails and eyeball harvesting — over dinner at Buca di Beppo, and then strolled over to the large chain bookstore on the Plaza. Even though it is a chain, it’s much bigger than my local representative of that chain, so I enjoyed browsing around. They had foreign magazines, but no Australian or European sewing magazines, and no web design magazines I hadn’t already seen.

This was a mild disappointment, but I think I’ll live. I did buy a French woman’s mag that had a lot of stuff about social media and blogging in it, but so far I’ve only learned that it is “pas glam” to geolocalise one’s friends on one’s phone.

I’ve been hired by a French financial software company to rewrite their website, one of my favorite things to do. However, they only hired me for one hour. I don’t know quite what they want me to do. I told them I needed five. I’ve pointed this out to them, so they can fix it if they just made an error. If not, then they can tell me which hour’s worth of work they want me to do.

I’m also overseeing some other jobs. I hired my favorite oDesk graphic designer on one job, and I have a couple of my regular team members doing stuff. I also have several leads back in the town where I live. I’m corresponding with them and hoping to get a few more sites going this summer.  I’ve also got some articles to write today, and blog posts. I have moved a lot of fairy tale lesson plan posts from my old educational blog here at xanga to my new educational site and updated them, so have a look if you have any interest in fairy tale lesson plans.

So, what with one thing and another, I haven’t really taken a vacation. I hope to have a walk today, though. I could take myself out for coffee or walk over to the river. I really should seize the moment, since I’ll be going home in the next day or two.