My hydrangea is blooming. It’s just a little shrub, and usually doesn’t get more than one or two blooms, but they certainly are pretty.

I don’t think it’s a cut-and-come-again variety, so I’m not going to cut it for the house.

That may be what I miss most this garden-less year, since I can buy fresh produce but buying flowers would be an extravagance.

Yesterday was an all-blogging day. I have new assignments from an editor I’ve worked with before (today) and from The Computer Guy (next Tuesday), and I’m near beginning with The Chocolatier. I also have a new link-building assignment for #2 daughter, who doesn’t work at the church in the summer and therefore is doing some work for me, bless her.

Last night after choir practice I came home and redid the stylesheet for my final project in Web Design class, putting in one thing at a time and checking it in both Firefox and IE before moving on.

Here’s how it looks in IE, and you can see it in Firefox below.

It looked better in Firefox before I had to make it work in IE, and I have the most current IE browser, too. If I fix the margins in Firefox, it gets a gap between the divs in IE.

I’m afraid to make any more changes for fear of messing it up.

And I no longer have any compassion at all for people with old browsers.


It struck me that if I think of this as a craft project, even though it’s a class, it’s not much different from what I usually do at this time of year.

Last summer I made jewelry from the book French-Inspired Jewelry. Other years I’ve made soldered jewelry or lingerie or origami purses, and there was the year I tried to make a lawn chair out of old pallets, but I was completely unsuccessful with that.

Even so, it’s just my usual summer mad whim, right?

The thing I’m not doing this summer is the Summer Reading Challenge. Usually in the summer I join this group, which asks us to read two books a week and blog about them, which used to be about the level of challenge I could handle during Back to School.

Now, apparently, I can’t handle even that level of challenge.

I was writing a list for Flashlight Worthy Books yesterday (Book Club Books Worth Discussing) and looking back at what I’d written here about the books in question, and couldn’t help but notice how little I’m reading and how little I mention what little I am reading. I have a lot of books hanging around waiting to be reviewed, too. Sigh.

The Strengthsfinder people advised me to give myself time to read and to think, since those are things that increase my value (and my superpowers), and I’m going to try to take that to heart.

Today I have a lot of linkbuilding to do, and a little more blogging, and the assignment from that editor, who needs a nickname.