I stayed up late last night talking to #2 daughter. Talking to daughters is a good reason to stay up late. However, I have to admit that I am tired this morning.

Yesterday after class La Bella and I went to lunch, where we met the new pastors (a husband and wife team) of the church which I used to attend, and for which The Computer Guy and I are building a new website. We’re meeting this afternoon.

They were encouraging me to return to the Presbyterian fold, now that they have all the problems ironed out.

After that I came home to work. It used to be that my work was about sitting at the computer writing, doing my two or three projects a day. Now it’s like being at work — phone calls, IMs, problems that arise and need to be dealt with. Stuff happens while I get my writing done.

I like that, actually. It’s an adjustment, though. And yesterday we were discussing 21st Century Skills (my practice topic with the class before they begin their own research projects) and adaptability is one of the main ones.

We have to be prepared for constant change.