We’re busy at work, both with the amount of shopping going on and with new stuff arriving. When new things come in, we have to re-arrange everything to find places for it, so there is a good deal of manual labor going on as well.

Yesterday the state of Oklahoma came to shop — well, not the entire state, but it obviously was grant-disburstment time in the Sooner state. We had boxes labelled “Killer” and variations (Fourkiller, Mankiller — these are not common names where I live, but over the border they are) all over the shop waiting for delivery, and folks shopping with purchase orders for as much as we sell in a normal morning.

We also had a request for our house plan book — the one we make ourselves. We do not make one ourselves, I’m afraid. The Empress tells me that we could have one done for us with the usual stuff inside and our name on the outside, and maybe we should. The Poster Queen has gone to the beach for her vacation, and of course I am glad that she is having a vacation, but sorry that she wasn’t there for that request. I think I would have enjoyed her reaction.

Number two daughter and I began T-shirts in Plymouth Stone Cotton. Mine is a few rows along, and she is still swatching.

Number one daughter was, when last heard from, still waiting for her husband’s return from the briny deep. Apparently, they got back to the base safely, but then there was some trouble with getting the boat plugged in. I am imagining something like a cell phone recharger here, or just an enormous electric plug that goes into an outlet on the pier. I am sure that is not accurate. In any case, if you are a submariner, you cannot leave your boat until you get it plugged in, so the guys were all still out there working with the cables and whatnot. I hope that by now daughter and son-in-law are reunited.