We went to a conference in the big city where #2 daughter and I gave a presentation which went quite well. We attended presentations, went to parties, and generally had fun.
I’m glad I went. I got to meet people I’ve only known online,  and spent time doing sort of ordinary fun things.

This is the coffee station, which was in some ways the center of the conference.

My class is going well, work is going well, I have a bunch of new ideas, and I’m having fun. Business, #1 daughter tells me, is slow, but I still have plenty of work to do, so I’m just continuing to do it.

#1 son moved into a house with a bunch of friends, so we now officially have an empty nest. My husband thinks we should move to a little apartment, and I suppose we might do so, but for now we’re sort of enjoying having the place to ourselves.

Apart, that is, from the dogs. I think having three dogs might prevent us from moving into a smaller place, too.

I continue to feel as though something exciting is about to happen. I don’t know what, but it’s a nice feeling, so I’ll go ahead and enjoy it without requiring anything further of it.

These are three tiny desserts we had at a chain restaurant before we even got to the big city. This weekend was largely box lunches and bar food, so I think this might have been the tastiest thing we ate over the weekend.

Since then, however, I’ve simply been eating what I felt like cooking for myself, which has been wholesome stuff with fresh vegetables, plus chocolate.

All the other pictures I took over the weekend, and all the ones I’ve taken this week, too, have people in them, so they can’t be posted here.

I can’t believe how fast this week is going. I feel as though we just got back in town and here it is nearly the weekend again. I’m currently planning to have a very domestic weekend. We’ll see what happens.