Once again my horrible dog kept me awake all night. I had been reading Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements, on the subject of physical wellbeing, and was therefore quite thoroughly up on the consequences of inadequate sleep. Not sleeping enough makes you gain weight, get sick more often, and think less clearly.

I very frequently don’t get enough sleep, but I’m trying to improve.

You should also eat right and exercise, and I think we are not amazed by this news. However, there were some new pieces of info in this chapter for me. For example, I was startled to read that roughly a quarter of the people in the world, and nearly that high a percentage in the U.S., are in pain much of the time. That genetic markers for things like prostate cancer can be suppressed by eating things like broccoli, meaning that a genetic predisposition to something doesn’t mean you have no choice. And that a large percentage of the money spent in the U.S. on healthcare is for preventable stuff — enough that we could probably take really good care of the people with unpreventable stuff if we became a little more responsible about those other things.

When you buy the book, you get a secret code so you can go to the associated website and take a wellbeing test and plan how to improve, and you get to use that website for a month. I went and took the test (I needed to improve on financial and physical wellbeing) but haven’t yet returned to the website. Today, maybe. It might be stuffed with useful resources.