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This is the gray Sophie bag, with its handles attached. It is sitting in the mess on #2 daughter’s dresser. Here it was on Knit in Public Day, when I was knitting it in public by the lake.
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As for the bag, I made it according to the pattern (I cannot link right now, but there is a link in a post last week and today over at perroua’s xanga), until I came to the part for the handles. At that point, I bound off on the narrow sides of the rectangle, and continued the long sides for another few rows of garter stitch. Then I felted the bag. The garter stitch bands enclose the handles of the bag. I sewed them in with a darning needle and matching yarn.
As for the mess, it is part of summer, I’m afraid. But now, while it is still just in the 80s, I am trying to persuade the kids to get their rooms in some sort of shape. Once we reach the 90s and triple digits, we won’t do anything at all.
I have been amassing stuff for the boys’ room — a computer desk, shelves, and so on — and keeping it in the garage. I want to remix their room (have you seen that TV program?). I have it on good authority that teen boys really want their rooms to look like the inside of a car, so I think we’ll go with that look. But, the boys insist, nothing that looks like a theme.
#2 daughter’s room is nicely decorated, but looks like a pigsty. Or possibly a prehistoric midden.
The theme for the weekend, I think, is cleaning the kids’ rooms.