It was hard to go to choir practice last night. I was swamped with work, had grading to do and people waiting on stuff from me, not to mention trouble with my Photoshop class homework. But I closed up shop and trudged through the record-breaking heat to the church, with no dinner and not much prospect of any, to sing.

Singing always makes me feel better. Not just me, of course. There’s evidence that singing, and especially singing in groups, creates biochemical changes in the body and strengthens the immune system as well as making a person feel better.

Last night, there were extras. The church keeps the air conditioning cranked up to levels my budget and level of environmental responsibility won’t allow. Plus, there were half a dozen little girls playing drums. Elkhart was conducting them while the women of the choir and the choirlet sang.

The song we’re doing with the girls is not inspiring. It’s a children’s song, with a predictable harmony and a rudimentary tune. But drums are the thing Elkhart really loves, and kids are her favorite group to work with. Watching her conduct the drumming was uplifting.

#2 son’s FAFSA and financial aid info arrived yesterday. We’re having to pay quite a bit more — an extra hundred dollars a week. The government is giving him less, which makes sense since we’re earning more. But the school is giving him more — he earned an excellence scholarship or two. So it’s not as bad as it might have been. With #1 son’s tuition as well, though, the total for their education is more than my husband earns.

He’s going to Las Vegas. His pool team (billiards, not swimming) has won at the regional level, I guess, so the next thing is the big time in the big city. His travel costs will be paid, so he just has to come up with money for food and any idiotic things he wants to do. He’s excited.