Yesterday, when I went to join the discussion for the online web design class I’m taking, the details of our final project were up.

We have six other assignments still, but the final project is due in about three weeks. we are to build a ten-page website, all in Notepad.

A five-page website, with me and a designer/developer working on it, takes four to six weeks. Actually, three to seven, but four to six sounds better, right? So I am slightly panicked about my final project.

In fact, after a long, long workday yesterday, I spent three and a half hours building one page for it. And not a very good page, either.

Actually, I was mostly getting all the pages up and connected with one another. Making a skeleton, you know. I have a ten-page skeleton. And then I spent half an hour trying to find some way to round my corners.

I want rounded corners. All the cool kids have them. In fact, I want my page to look like a real web page, something I haven’t learned to achieve in this class.

It doesn’t really matter. I’m not a designer. I work with designers. They can do the cool parts.