6 Canadian National was saying I sounded busy, but not busy.

Actually, I am busy!

Here are a couple of pictures of the gardens at the local university. My kid has been told that he can have a job taking care of these gardens, but at the moment he is not sure that he will apply. He has a lot of odd ideas about workstudy. I am hoping he will get over them, but I am not trying to persuade him.

I rarely try to persuade my kids of things once they are past the age of being told what to do.

6 I ended up getting to like McEwan’s Saturday, and book club was great fun as always.

Good conversation is worth a lot.

I am really having trouble with some of the queries on the encyclopedia entry, so it is not finished, even though the deadline is this Saturday. I may be burning the midnight oil on this one. I’ve tried the local library and the internet, and that’s about all I’ve got. Maybe I should have gone down to the county I’m writing about, but now I definitely won’t have time.

There really wasn’t any downtime in my day yesterday, except for a spell at the end of it when the boys and I made popcorn and watched “Li’l Bush,” a new cartoon in the adult cartoon lineup.

It was coarse, disrespectful, and not funny. Mr. Bush can be quite funny, and laughing about him is one way to cope with the really quite horrible things that the White House does, but we were not amused.

Back to the salt mines!